10 Giant Athletes With Tiny Lovers

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The relationship between a tall athlete with a very short partner always tends to get some kind of reaction. Why? We have to take into consideration that these athletes are very tall — most of them are over the 1.98m mark that most professional athletes tend to come in at. Some people in the below list are as tall as 2.30m, so it becomes quite obvious that their partners will look very short next to them, which then looks really weird when they choose to attend red carpet events together. Many people have expressed in the past that some pairs look more like they are brother and sister or father and daughter than an actual married couple, and it’s all because of their height difference. It’s crazy what a difference the height of another person can make in a relationship, especially when it’s seen in pictures. Check out these 10 athletes with tiny lovers that will shock you.

10. Magic Johnson, Earlitha Kelly


Magic Johnson’s 2.06m tall frame is one of the things that is supposed to have attracted his wife Earlitha Kelly, in the first place, according to the couple themselves. Kelly, who has stayed with Magic throughout all of the HIV drama that erupted in the ‘90s, has kept a strong uphold as her own height only comes in at 1.68m. It’s still higher than some of the other people on this list, and when seeing these two in public, the difference isn’t that radical — but then again, that could be because Earlitha is always wearing heels. Either way, in numbers, the height difference is pretty noticeable, but when Magic’s wife decides to put on her highest pair of heels, they looks just fine.

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